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Emerging Social Media Trends: Exploring The Biggest Trends In 2023 For Small Businesses

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Emerging Social Media Trends in 2023 by Noice Marketing

Welcome to Noice Marketing, where we recognize the crucial role of being ahead of the game in today's swiftly evolving, technology-fueled environment - a place where trends whirl in and out before we know it. Now that we find ourselves in the heart of the exciting year of 2023, we're seeing a wave of fresh social media trends ready to transform how small businesses connect with their customers and make their unique mark in the digital world.

From TikTok, videos that spread like wildfire, to the transformative power of LinkedIn, the dynamics of social media are constantly evolving. In this era of ever-changing algorithms and shifting consumer behaviors, small businesses need to be well-versed in the latest trends, and armed with the knowledge to adapt and harness the potential of these cutting-edge strategies.

So, grab your virtual seatbelt and prepare for a riveting exploration of the biggest social media trends that will shape the destiny of small businesses in 2023.

1. A spike in demand for TikTok content

With TikTok's strategic alliances with Woocommerce, Shopify, and Linktree, coupled with swirling speculations about acquiring a podcast app, it becomes evident that TikTok is poised on a remarkable trajectory towards the realm of a "super app." A true embodiment of innovation, a super app seamlessly amalgamates social media, messaging, payments, services, and a plethora of internet activities into one cohesive application.

Moreover, TikTok's endeavors showcase its ambitious aspirations to transcend the boundaries of mere entertainment and evolve into a comprehensive digital ecosystem where users can seamlessly explore, engage, and transact.

2. The rapid growth of social commerce

The essence of successful marketing strategies lies in reaching out to customers on platforms where they actively engage. Social commerce presents a compelling avenue for brands to expand their reach and drive substantial sales. Leading the way, Facebook and Instagram were early adopters of social commerce, capitalizing on the growing trend of online shopping. Anticipating a remarkable surge in popularity this year, Instagram Storefront and Facebook Shop have emerged as the most coveted features of their respective platforms.

Furthermore, by embracing social commerce, brands can accelerate their customers' journey through the sales and marketing funnel, enabling faster purchases of products or services.

3. A continuing rise of LinkedIn creators

Creators are flocking to the platform, infusing their posts with personality and establishing themselves as authorities within their respective fields. Notably, there has been a rise in LinkedIn "Power Users" who enlist the assistance of ghostwriters to generate content for their dedicated followers. If you have previously overlooked the potential of LinkedIn, now is the opportune moment to reconsider.

Here are some pro tips to enhance your thought leadership presence on the platform:

  • Delve deeper into your subject matter, showcase the human side of your brand by offering ideas and advice through a personal lens, and maintain an authentic and grounded message to mitigate any potential backlash.

  • Consider incorporating linkless posts into your posting strategies, such as uplifting words, lighthearted jokes, or brief anecdotes about yourself. Automate these social media posts and schedule them for monthly sharing.

  • Remember not to overshare. While personal content is gaining popularity, it is important to bear in mind that LinkedIn remains a professional platform, with six people being hired every minute.

4. Instagram reels will still surpass images over popularity

Launched in 2020, Instagram Reels gradually became available to all users by 2021. This feature, offering short videos, was developed to compete with TikTok and Snapchat, and it has consistently gained momentum. Numerous content creators and brands repurpose their micro-videos across Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Moreover, starting in 2022, Instagram began prioritizing Reels over images. Despite recent emphasis on content discovery in 2023, it is evident that the platform continues to prioritize this type of content. To enhance your brand's reach, increase your follower count, and maintain relevance on the app, it is advisable to incorporate Instagram Reels into your marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude this insightful examination of the most prominent emerging social media trends for small businesses in 2023, it is resoundingly evident that embracing adaptability and fostering innovation are paramount to achieving triumph in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By capitalizing on these trends, small businesses can unlock the boundless potential of social media, forging profound connections, propelling substantial growth, and charting a course towards enduring success.

To embark on this transformative journey and explore the tailored strategies that will propel your business forward, we invite you to reach out to Noice Marketing, Vancouver-based Digital Marketing Agency for a FREE Consultation, where our seasoned experts will provide invaluable insights tailored to your unique needs. Act now, and seize the opportunity to shape your digital destiny.


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